Sunday, October 5, 2008

Laura 2 and Laura 3

I just posted this exact same post on my personal blog, but I neglected to mention that Laura K. was there too! When am I going to learn to remember to take my camera to these things?! She had never felted before and her stuff was beautiful. If you like this, check out my blog. I'll post the link to the left.  

I hope to get to knitting Thursday  (Oct. 9) as there are no kids in class on Friday!

So, I started and finished a new project all in one day! I went to a great workshop about making felted flowers at a great little local craft/book/high quality natural toys and art called Creative Hands Mercantile. I made this gorgeous flower garland in 3 hours!

In fact I think I might go embellish it a bit with a few beads.....

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