Monday, August 13, 2007

Adding Links/ Flock and Fiber Fest

We can put up a list of our favorite knitting sites in the form web links. To add a link, go to customize (on upper right), then click on "edit" in the links box. A box will open so you can put in the link info. Hit "add link" the "save changes." Lets share our favorites! I've kicked it off by adding a link to the Flock and Fiber Fest home page. Are any of you planning on going? I might make a day trip, but I can't stay for the weekend. I'll probably go Saturday if I can find a car-mate or three. If any one is interested in carpooling, please let me know. I have the car! -Meredith


LauraRose said...

I'm going to try to add Knit Shop and Dyelots links since they are local--does anyone (Kusi?) know if Soft Horizons has a web page? I sure couldn't find one.

LauraRose said...

Hmm, is it possible Meredith that only you have the "template tab" to edit links--I can't find a way to do it.

Here are the urls if you get a chance to copy/add them

Gwynne said...

Hi! I'm on board!
I don't believe Soft Horizons has a wab page...just the newsletter

Meredith said...

I thought we all could do the same things as authors.
I will bring my laptop so we can sign in on your name and figure it out.