Friday, August 10, 2007

BlacK Sheep Gathering

I got third place in my category at the Black Sheep Gathering with this yarn (the one with the white ribbon in the middle of the photo). All the color is from colored silk roving that I hand-carded in with a nice white fleece (i had to use hand cards becasue the fleece was still in the grease). I chain plied it with itself to keep the colors from craossing over each other much. I'm goin to try a top down sweater based on Barbara Walker's book (just as soon as I do one from a commercial pattern in commercial yarn to get the hang of it first!). I hadn't spun in awhile so the gueage is ALL over the place, so it will be good to try it on as I go!

Just wanted to try posting!


Meredith said...

Congrats on your ribbon! What does "in the grease" mean? I'm not a spinner (yet!) and so I'm clueless about the lingo.

LauraRose said...

In the grease means the fleece hasn't been washed and is still covered with lanolin. Most people was the fleeces before spinning because the want to dye it or blend it on a drum carder, but it's actually easier to spin greasy wool (unless it's REALLY greasy).