Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mom's Sweater:

I actually finished it the day of the Stitch and Pitch, but I was too depressed to talk about it. When I blocked it to smooth out the shoulder ridges ( I WANTED ridges or I wouldn't have crocheted the sleeves on from the outside, they were just a bit too pronounced), the sleeves stetched like 4 inches (and my mom has short arms)!

Well, I just bunched the sleeves up (being careful not to bunch the shoulders) as it dried, and, as you can see, it all came out just fine in the end.

The pattern is called Melon Blast (it was originally knitted in plain watermelon red); it's from the Spring 2004 Knitter's magazine. I made the sleeves full length, crochetd it all together, and crocheted the neckband, but other than that I just followed the pattern and it worked fine except for my one night of extra-long-sleeve-related-nightmares. I used the Manos de Uruguay Cotton Stria (yellow color #218 and pistacio? lime? color #204), and though the doubled strands were a bit hard on my wrists at times, the softness of the fiber made up for it--besides my mom is worth it!


mm said...

Laura, it's gorgeous! You must be so proud of yourself.
Q: What motivated your decision to cr*chet rather than "sew"? I *like* the look you got -- just wondering how you thought of it (sounded like it wasn't part of the pattern).

Thursday at Theo's said...

the sweater is perfect! Your mom must b so proud!

LauraRose said...

A few things prompted me to crochet:
1) My sewn seams are usually a disaster anyhow
2) The yarn is pretty fragile and I thought the repeated pulling it through the fabric would cause it to break a lot.
3) I prefer crocheting over sewing (see reason 1;)

Thanks for the sweet comments. I'm going to call my mom and see when she'll be home they travel a lot) so I can send it a.s.a.p.

Gwynne said...

I looks great on you! Maybe you should make another....