Monday, August 13, 2007

Putting up Pictures

To add pictures to your blog post, first hit "new post" on the upper right. The box that opens (below the title space) has two icons on the upper left, one of which looks like a tiny picture. Just click that, and a box opens so you can choose pictures from your computer. Click on "choose file" -I find this part easier if I have already put the files for the pictures I want to post on my desktop for easy access- then locate the file that holds the pic. Click on it. To add more pics, hit "add another pic" and repeat. To post, just hit "publish post". When I posted my pictures, There was a bunch of weird typing (which I assume was for the picture files) in my post-writing area. I just added my text below that. If you have any problems, try the help link in the upper right. I can't wait to see what you all want to show off!

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LauraRose said...

I managed to sort of arrange the text and photos I put up by putting spaces between the pictures and lines of text I typed in. You can see where the data for each pcture begins and ends by looking for the triangle brackets and lower case a's around the gobbledegook.

Hit preview to see how things are looking, then close preview to add more spaces or take some out or whatever until you like how it looks. It will be slightly compressed when you actually publish it to the blog caomparedto the preview screen.

This is too much fun!